Hugo’s Dilemma

Hugo’s Dilemma was recently a Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards held in Washington, DC on June 21, 2019.

Hugo front cover for web

Hugo, a bacon-loving Jack Russell Terrier, had the coolest parents in the whole dog park. Games of fetch were a favorite Saturday morning routine for the whole family. But one Saturday morning, Hugo’s life was turned upside down. New, unfamiliar places and changing routines now take over his everyday world, making Hugo very confused and sad at times. When will things be back to normal? Hugo’s Dilemma will help children and parents embrace the most important ingredients in a family, whether together or apart. The light and heartwarming illustrations capture the depth of each character’s feelings and draw in the reader.
Illustrated by David R. Martinez

Reader Reviews

“Growing up with separated parents, the story accurately portrays what it’s like having to change and adjust your entire routine and essentially, your life. Children of all ages, experiencing divorce or separation growing up, will be able to connect with the story very well.”  -Maya P., High School Student


“Saraco captures the common feelings of confusion, insecurity, fear, and guilt that children often experience when sharing time separately with their parents in new and different households after a divorce or separation. Parents who are recently separated or divorced will find an inspiring tale of resilience when they work together to redefine their parenting relationship with the best interest of their child at heart.” -Tonyia Behrendt, M.A. Professional Counseling

Available now on in paperback and Kindle version!