Life in the Grand Pause

An intriguing, inspiring, multi-award winning middle-grade novel, available in three formats.

Five minutes—a mere three hundred seconds. That’s all it took to rip three unsuspecting individuals from a comfortable life in the suburbs of Chicago. For their safety, Preston, a ten-and-a-half-year-old music prodigy, and his mother and sister are whisked into the Witness Protection Program while Dad, the FBI’s main witness in an important case, remains behind. Changing identities and appearances over a weekend is a huge ask for anyone, but changing schools with only a few months left in fifth grade is a whole other thing. From the new school’s obsession with kickball and the threat of bullies, Preston faces his hardest performance to date. Just when Preston thinks it can’t get any worse, a note appears on his desk. Someone knows his secret. Will this knowledge blow his family’s cover and put Dad in more danger? And what can Preston do to stop the bullying he is experiencing? Will he ever learn to play kickball and be ready for the big tournament? Life in the Grand Pause is full of interesting characters and quirky teachers who make Preston’s life way more interesting than he ever imagined!

Cover art by David R. Martinez

“Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to show us what is most important. Through the eyes of a ten year old boy, Frank Saraco lovingly explores the intricacies of empathy, acceptance, and most importantly kindness– which, he shows, must be extended even to those who are not kind to us in return. In teaching us this crucial lesson, Life in the Grand Pause is an act of kindness in itself.”  

Melissa Loflin, Media Specialist
Also available at Main Street Books in Davidson, NC.