The Bald and the Beautiful

CoverThis is the story of a whimsical young girl and her not so ordinary playmate—-a bald frog. Read how the strength of true friendship can overcome some hair-raising obstacles and rekindle joy within a kingdom. Be prepared for adventure and some outbursts of laughter as Lily and her imagination catapult her to a real misadventure with potentially disastrous consequences. Will good or misfortune prevail? It’s a tale retold from by one truly familiar to the fairy tale lifestyle.

Just released with new format and full-color illustrations! 

illustrations by Valentina Valenza

Reader’s Reviews:


Frank Saraco’s enchanting fairy tale from ‘when times were less technological’ is humorous and magical…a great bedtime story…” -Lindsey Mehall, Instructional Facilitator & Public School Educator

An exciting tale that will enrich the imagination of readers…vivid descriptions make it easy to “see” the story!” -Melissa Withers, Elementary Educator

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