It Could Have Been Us

It Could Have Been Us Cover
Life in the mountains of Gagliato, a small village in the southernmost part of Italy, was far from ordinary for Pepino and his parents. Teresina, Pepino’s mother and a well-known seamstress in town, spent many of her days training a group of young, female apprentices. Pepino’s father, Francesco, spent his days cutting hair in his small barbershop or making important decisions in the town hall. However, thoughts of reuniting with family in America eventually overshadowed any joy that their surroundings and simple life could bring. One day, in early spring of 1956, the family received exciting news- they were moving to America! When the tickets arrived, Pepino was overjoyed to learn that they would be traveling to America on one of Italy’s premier ocean liners, the Andrea Doria. This trip was sure to be a journey of a lifetime! Unfortunately, cabin arrangements did not suit the family’s wishes, so changes had to be made. Were they still going to board the Andrea Doria on the day they set sail for America? Based on a true story, It Could Have Been Us will not only capture the strength of family but beautifully demonstrate the power of hope.

48 page, picture book

illustrations by David R. Martinez

Reader’s Reviews

“A delightful tale…[that will] captivate readers…heartwarming [with] descriptive language and beautiful illustrations.” -Lisa Souther, National Board Certified Teacher

“Wow! [This book] took me back to my childhood and made me appreciate my family and all they have provided for me.” -Jonathan Ribbeck, Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum

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